Chief Justice’s Message

I am glad to know that Jharkhand State Bar Council is launching its website. I congratulate the Chairman and the other Office Bearers for taking these initiatives.


In the modern world, website is one of the best source to get information and knowledge. I expect that Jharkhand State Bar Council will put on its Website not only the necessary information regarding the State Bar Council Members and its achievements and future programmes, but, will also highlight on its Website the critical essays upon the current legal issues.


I also wish that the Website will be updated at a regular interval. The Members of the Jharkhand State Bar Council as well as the stakeholders of the State Bar Council will be benefited and even while remaining away, from the office of Jharkhand Stae Bar Council, promptly they will get information.


I wish the endeavor a great success.


Hon’ble The Acting Chief Justice Dhirubhai Naranbhai Patel
High Court of Jharkhand