Chairman’s Message


Ajit Kumar
Chairman, Jharkhand State Bar Council


I feel greatly privileged to be able to serve the fellow advocates of Jharkhand. I am of the view that adequate facilities encourage the professionals and enhance their capacities to serve the cause of justice. However, a large number of lawyers and their associations today are beset with serious problems like lack of proper sirista facilities, lack of rich libraries, almost negligible skill enhancement opportunities, and unsatisfactory social security measures. We also see that the nature of the duties of advocates is such that on many occasions they come face to face with the police or the law breakers, and at times have to suffer. Further, due to the long gestation period before a newly enrolled advocate is able to earn his own livelihood, several young lawyers leave the profession which is a serious loss to the fraternity, to the entire legal arena, and to the society at large. These are some of the several challenges that I seek to tackle for the colleagues. I humbly seek to assure that I shall endeavor not only to remove these problems but also to enhance the professional prospects, for the newly enrolled as well as the previously enrolled regular practitioners. I shall also strive for the most desirable relationship between the Bar and the Bench. As I pen this message I feel humbled and exhort the fellow advocates to utilize their time and skill to provide maximum legal aid to the poor and the needy as our contribution to the society and to the state.