About Us

Jharkhand State Bar Council was originally part of Bar Council of Bihar. On reorganization of the State of Bihar and creation of the State of Jharkhand by the Bihar Reorganization Act, 2000 vide section 28 of the Bihar Reorganization Act, the word Jharkhand was added in section 3 (1) a of the Advocates Act and a provision was made for a separate Bar Council for the State of Jharkhand.

Jharkhand State Bar Council, Ranchi is thus an Autonomous Body established under the provisions of the Advocates Act and was created in the year 2005. There are 25 elected members in the Council besides the Advocate General being the ex officio member.

The election of the Jharkhand State Bar Council takes place by a complex process wherein the electorate comprises of every single lawyer enrolled in the State. The counting process involves elimination by preferential voting and the 25 member’s securing highest votes get elected to the office for a period of five years. These elected members by way of internal election elect amongst them, the chairman. Vice chairman and the representative for the Bar council of India. The office of Jharkhand State Bar Council is situated at North Office Para, Doranda, Ranchi. The Council also has an extension office within the premises of the Jharkhand High Court.

Jharkhand State Bar Council is the apex body of the lawyers which functions for the entire state of Jharkhand. Its main function is to admit persons on its roll as Advocates so as to grant them permission to practice law. In the disciplinary jurisdiction, the Jharkhand State Bar Council entertains and determines cases of professional and other misconduct on complaints or otherwise. The Council also works for the safeguard of the interest of lawyers and their welfare –at –large.

The Bar Council of India on the other hand comprises of members elected and nominated by each State Bar Council. The second Jharkhand State Bar Council came to be constituted in the year 2012 and now comprises of 25 members besides the Advocate General who is the Ex- Officio member. The secretary of the Bar Council is the full- time employee and has a team of about 21 persons working in the office.

The Bar Council is also the trustee of the fund established and maintained under the Advocates Welfare Fund Trust Act wherein several benefits are payable to the advocates who are the members of the trust upon their death,retirement,etc. The Jharkhand State Bar Council is working for the general welfare of the advocates enrolled in the State.